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About - Regional Recovery Services, Inc. - A Collection Agency

 Regional Recovery Services, Inc. is a licensed Indiana and Illinois agency that offers a variety of services which focus on providing a dignified buffer between individuals and businesses as a service provider.

 Established in 2013, we offer our clients up to the minute computerized records on thousands of credit users in the area. In addition, we utilize a full in-house computer system which allows us to keep track of all payments made by your clients.

 Regional Recovery Services, Inc. prides itself in the continuous training of employees in the specialized collections, locating and skip-tracing process. This training is constantly reinforced by diligent supervision of all operations. Moreover, our expertly trained staff is significantly effective in collection procedures and skip-trace locating service, no matter how small or big, local, national or worldwide.

 We feel that the nationwide resources personnel we maintain are incomparable advantages. These elements aid in our undisputed competence to handle the local and national account. More importantly, we at all times strive to maintain good will with your customers.